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Electrification of vehicles is the future with governmental declarations of transitioning to green vehicles  from multiple countries. Although consumers have increasing access to electric vehicles, electric vehicles for heavy commercial use are still in the early stages. We seek to solve this problem by converting existing fossil fuel powered vehicles into electric powered vehicles. Heavy-duty vehicles emit pollution in the form of exhaust but also noise wherever they go. Our goal is to convert fleets of service vehicle into electric vehicles to reduce the impact on the environment, costs, and noise pollution for everyone. Factories for converting combustion vehicles into electric vehicles is one of our goals.


Personal and Commercial Electric Vehicle Conversion


Rolls Royce Electric Vehicle

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Our website and projects are still works in progress. We wish our clients could join us to help develop our products together.  We aim to have one particular  factory focusing on one type of product respectively to  optimize our product. We are looking forward to hearing more opinions and feedback, and seeking environmentally-conscientious sponsors to ensure the quality and completion of our projects.