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Mars Power Technology Inc.는 전기 자동차 및 인증된 전기 제품 경험이 있는 사람들에게 경력 기회를 제공합니다. 아래 양식을 사용하여 이력서와 자기소개서를 보내주십시오.

Current Openings
Software Developer

The Role:

       In the role as a software developer at Mars Power Technology Inc., you will develop software that controls critical systems and displays information to users. You will be working with circuit boards and CAN signals for the operation of electric vehicles. The systems you develop will need to be reliable and efficient for the operation of electric vehicles. These systems will be responsible for controlling the electric motor, managing battery management systems, and operating various parts relating to the functioning of electric vehicles.




  • Work with CAN signals to control and receive commands and data

  • Work with existing circuit boards and/or design new circuit boards for use in electric vehicles

  • Develop efficient software for operating electric vehicles

  • Develop software that monitors and provides information to the user

  • Solve problems with operating parts from different manufacturers

  • Document development with readability in mind



  • Proficient in C and working with linux

  • 2+ years industry experience with automotive development

  • Driven individual with interest in electric vehicles

  • English communication skills

  • Exposure to working with electric vehicles is preferred

  • Experience working with circuit boards and wiring is preferred

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