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Future Projects:

North American Swap Station

bettery map.png

Mars Power Technology Inc. plans to add 800 battery swap stations on North American highways in the next five years to achieve networked operations, and the ideal battery swap time will be greatly shortened to 1 minute.

The electric vehicle battery replacement, charging, leasing, and sales operations will all be carried out at the replacement station. The network of swap stations will cover major highways in the United States and Canada.

the one-minute battery swap is the highlight of the battery swap project. The one-minute battery swap is characterized by the "video tape"-style cassette battery loading design. The old battery is pushed out from one side, and the new battery is pushed in instantly from the other side. The automotive assembly line is being considered.

Factory plan


Mars Power Technology Inc. plans to deploy two factories in Canada and America and for the modification of automobiles and the assembly and production of batteries.

The first step is in Vancouver, Canada, and the second factory in Texas, the United States, has a design area of ​​170,000 square feet, covers an area of ​​700,000 square feet, and has an investment of more than 300 million US dollars. The factory area is 5,000 square meters, covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters.

Based in North America, Mars Power Technology Inc. has created a business on the shoulders of the two giants of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles. It is currently applying for five patents on the technical moat. It plans to land on Nasdaq within two years, actively embracing the huge market and industry of electric vehicles. We hope to develop together with domestic manufacturers and participate in the grand event.


We will see you soon!

Image by Giorgio Trovato
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